What is WD Anywhere Backup behavior on changed files?


My music collection is backed up with WD Anywhere Backup. When I change the file names on my mp3 files WD Anywhere Backup keeps copies of the of both files, changed and unchanged. I have enabled Purge Deleted Files but this doesn’t solve the issue.

How do I get the back up files to exactly mirror the originals?

Hi there!!

If I were you I’d use another software… What you want to do is to sync the files, not to back them up.

Suggestions please?

You can try Microsoft SyncToy (FREE), Memeo AutoSync (Not free), Dmailer Sync (Not free), Siber Systems GoodSync (Not free), Botkind AllwaySync (Not free) or just Google “free sync software” :slight_smile:

I wonder if sync toy can monitor folders or be scheduled?