What is unbrick?

Hello i would like to upgrade the drives of a My Cloud EX2 device to 8TB instead of the actual 2T drives i have. I saw a process called unbrick, but I don’t know if that is firmware replacement or a step for drive upgrade.
Thanks in advance

There is a dedicated subforum for the My Cloud EX2 models where users more familiar with replacing that units hard drives may be able to assist.

OS3 My Cloud EX2

Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to search that subforum. There are a number of past discussions on replacing one or both hard drives in EX2 models.


This subforum (My Cloud) tends to discuss a different device. The single bay/single drive My Cloud. The term “unbrick” as used in this specific subforum and as it relates to the single bay/single drive My Cloud generally means overwriting corrupted firmware on the single bay/single drive My Cloud hard drive to fix the firmware. Or the process of partitioning, formatting then writing firmware to a bare (new/used) hard drive so it will work in a single bay/single drive My Cloud enclosure.

Unlike the single bay/single drive My Cloud, the internal hard drives used on many multi bay My Cloud models are designed to be user replaceable. See, if you haven’t already, the user manual for your My Cloud device to see if it explained or details how to replace the hard drive of the unit.

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