What is twonky doing (high CPU all the time)

Hi, I recently got a MBL , my old blue ring MBWE having finally died after 4 years of good service. Disk died with the ticking sound. It happens.

I’m getting to grips with the MBL and I have 2 PC’s a Mac and Linux laptop all happily backing up to it.

I’ve enabled ssh and am pretty happy in the shell.

twonky works , I can stream audio/video fine. I had both userv and mediatomb working on the old MBWE.

My question is, twonky is always the main consumer of CPU. I could understand this if it were a) streaming content or b) transcoding/re-redndering content. However it seems to consume all cpu when in reality it appears to have nothing to do ?. The server has been on for a month, with around 200Gb of mostly music and some video. I’d assume it had done al it’s transcoding/tagging/rendering ? hard to say as it doesn’t seem to log anything by default.

I also know how to stop it and start it.

My interest is to reduce the workload on the box when not needed. I’m unsure about the benefits of standby mode i.e constant running Vs stopping and starting. I also like my cron :)  and the monitorio.sh script appears to generate a great deal of IO itself while figuring if it’s safe to go into standby.

My thinking is to keep the disk running (steady state) but reduce the workload at night. This worked with the MBWE which lasted for 4 years of daily use with no spin down. I think that is reasonable life for a HDD. I also keep the unit sat on top of an old CPU heatsink to maximise ventilation from below.

I can stop twonky at night from cron, but I wondered if anyone had figured out why it uses so much cpu all the time. There seem to be a large number of posts regarding why version 6 is not available. That would be nice, but my question is more about why the current version does what it does and perhaps if there is a way for me to work around it ?

“All the Time” seems a bit out of the ordinary…  but it does track the filesystem for changes to update the index.

You can go into the Twonky UI and change the rescan interval to “never” (or ZERO) and see if that helps…  The default is “-1,” which tells it to watch the system.

By the way, the MBL does no transcoding with Twonky.