What is the warranty period for internal hard disks in India

The WD site clearly states "“ENTERPRISE, DESKTOP, AND NOTEBOOK DRIVES IN  INDIA HAVE A 5YEAR WARRANTY” here : http://support.wdc.com/warranty/policy.asp#policy .

In the past I have extended the warranty from three years to five years by sending a scan of the purchase bill to WD customer support. When I did the same a few days back, the WD customer rep [Deleted] says “Kindly take note your internal hard drives is not  belong with the Enterprise model, We found your  serial number is WD Caviar Green model is only cover  three years warranty only.” I have replied to his e-mail twice, did not help.

Hi well I have looked at the link and in any place in the world a wd green drive is a 3 year warranty. Also the only way to extend the warranty is to pay for it. I don’t know where you got the sending in the receipt bit I know some manufactures do that but I never heard of wd doing it.

This is what the the page I linked to says :


I have got 5 year warranty for internal hard disks, Blue & Green, in the past.

In the previous post I inserted a image of the WD web page clearly stating " ENTERPRISE, DESKTOP, AND NOTEBOOK DRIVES IN INDIA HAVE A 5YEAR WARRANTY" but it has been removed for some reason.


I have also taken up the issue with WDC showing them their own web pages where they mention ALL their drives sold in India to have full 5 years warranty. ( I have 4 other drives ‘Caviar Green’ 1 TB drives registered with WD and they all HAVE 5 Years Warranty. This is acknowledged by WDC.)

It now seems that WDC is tied in its own knots and do not know how to react. As of now and strictly and legally speaking WDC is bound to give full 5 years warranty for all drives sold in India. If they were to change their warranty policy and offer only 3 years for ‘Caviar Green’, they should clearly specify. Also if they do change their policy, it will only be w.e.f. the date they bring in the changed policy. Until such notification WDC is bound to honor 5 Years Warranty and the the changed policy cannot be restroeffect.

WDC has been side-stepping this issue. India is a big market and hope they do not want to be ‘also ran’ vendor here.