What is the solution to play iTunes M4V videos on RealPlayer?

I usually use the RealPlayer to play videos from my WD drive without problems,but when I use it to play iTunes the RealPlayer simply doesn’t work. I want to know is it possible to play iTunes videos on RealPlayer too and how?

I would assume since they’re from iTunes that they’re DRM’d (encrypted). The only way to play iTunes content is via Apple products.

That is right, they are DRM encrypted, that is why they doesn’t work. I actually have got the software DRmare M4V to RealPlayer Video Converter to help me, it convert videos fast , really impressed with it.


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Yes, they are protected by drm as you mentioned, and the software you shared is wonderful!
However, I have personally tried another m4v drm converter before, and it is so good that I want to share it with you . It provides anything you want from a m4v converter, including lossless quality of videos, built-in trim tool, a large variety of formats to choose. I leave the link if you want to try it.:grinning: