What is the purpose of WD External drives, if not to backup your files?


At first, I’m very disappointed with the performance of a WD Elements drive. I have a problem, browsing this forum seems very common in the  customer circle. I have a one year old 1 TB (actually 931 Gb, but it is totally normal nowadays by hardware manufacturers to scamming customers, nevermind …) WD Elements drive, that I used to backup my research, cca. 800 gb of simulation results, about a year ago. So it was totally new when I used it first time. 

The backup process completed properly, then I packed back the HDD into its original package, thought my data are in safe, since the package should be safe for travel from the factory through the mall into the users hands in the similar box.

So nowadays, a year after the backup I wanted to copy some other files into the drive. I took it from its original box, connected it to my computer (via usb 3, before you ask it), and found that its speed is beneath any criticism. I won’t go into details, you can find it in most of the topics presented in this forum.

Of course I tried that diagnosis tool, made a firmware upgrade prayed to god, then to allah and buddha, but nothing happened. Neither on this nor on any other computer. Neither on Win, Ubuntu or OsX. Tried it on usb 2, tried with other cables and now I feel myself deceived.

I bought a service one year ago in the purpose to backup files. It seemed succesful, my files are currently on the hdd, however the device I bought is not able to supply me those data, because of faulty construction by WD. You can say, I should backup the data, yes it would take years with the current speed, below 1Mb/s. You could say to format the drive, of course, then I would lose my data. You could say me to send back the drive to fix it, since it is less than two years old and warranty is still valid, however you doesn’t guarantee that my data will still be on the drive when I’ll get it back (stated in the information sheet). All in all, my data is lost.

Yes, I could reformat that drive, and then back up again all my data. And then? Is it going to happen again a year later, when I’ll need some files again or how can you imagine it?

When I bought the device, I bought your service to store my data in safe for a long term. The presented service doesn’t perform the content of the contract between us, because the device is nothing more than garbage. I want back my money.


I am sorry that you are having this experience with a WD Drive. Since you have very important data on the drive that you need to recover my recommendation would be to contact a data recovery company. I also recommend that you contact support directly. If there is anything that can be done to find a solution to this issue support will be able help you.

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