What is the odds i will get a bad RMA drive?

I’m debating on wether to spend the money to ship my bad drive to WD.

But considering the poor quality of these drives I’m skeptical its worth the hassle and cost.

Go and and look at the product feedback for the 1TB Green drive (same one i have)

and people (TONS of them) are or were going through the EXACT same **bleep** i have been going through

and all close to the same time frame(1 yr ish). sketchy behaviour in the beggining but we all suspect our motherboards (mostly related to the drive disapearing or won’t get detected randomly)

So obviously I’m wondering if its pointless considering I may just get another one and be in the same position all over again…

Let me get this straight out here… I like WD and always have.

I’m here for info and not to complain. If the co. made a mistake with these drives

i hope they learned a lesson and we can all move on with it but info should be out there for people.

I wish i had known what i know now i would have returned the drive to the store right away

which is a way better concept than doing an RMA. So my advice to people is think twice about the Green drives that have a similar model no. to my user name. I have no idea if there is issues being reported about the newer line of green drives that have a diiferent model no. for example WDBAYXXXXX-NRSN.

Maybe they have fixed some stuff on the next generation of this line of drives ?

So like i said in the title. i’m wondering if I should try and do it (i’m fairly certain i meat the criteria)

but i’m not certain i want to pay shipping and wait stressed out wondering if my RMA lottery ticket is gonna be a winner or not. So whats my odds ?

Hi is this the first piece of hardware you ever had go bad like you have been on about it for days now. Suggestion throw it in the garbage go buy a different brand.

No and i think its a vaild question and not one i would get answered by tech support.

which by the way i have an answer to and before i posted i had a suspicion.

Sorry but your reply was rude and unhelpfull.

To those reading the answer is you would probably be fine

but DO contact tech support and explain your situation to them and take it from there.

Hammy i told you i have a drive under warranty already so why would you tell me to chuck it ?

And i have already said that i am chocked because now i’m trapped with a Terabyte of data

and can NOT do an Advanced RMA never mind the frustration that seemingly started from day one…

If you can’t empathize with people struggling with a faulty product i would advise ingoring them.

And to everyone else i would say contact Tech support if they havn’t contacted you first…

I almost didn’t notice i had a pm here from WD staff asking me to contact them for help.

I will be doing that pretty quick and it looks like there are gonna do what they can to fix things for me

and I am already feeling relieved simply because of what i created this topic about.

(The concern about breaking a potential cycle of bad HDD’s)

Hi I am glad you got it sorted enjoy your new green drive.