What is the Max for 2 TB on multimedia storage?

I convert dvd-AVi  1.5gb is the most for 1 movie… video quality exceptable… I plan to get HD  movie quality coming soon, just wondering how many  movie (HD) can store in 2TB?

whats your question?

are you asking what the maximum file size for one file is?
if so it depends on the format of the drive.
NTFS, HFS+, exFAT shouldn’t be giving you a limitation that small (you’d probably never have a file that big)

FAT32 is a different story it WILL.

if you’re drive is FAT32 reformat it to NTFS or HFS+ (dependant on your OS) and everything will be ok.

I have 2TB drive and I hold 150 movies. Keep in mind there are a few different ways to encode these movies. Most of my movies are in .MKV format, and use AVC (High@L4.1) video encoding. These movies can run anywhere from 8-50GB depending on size, audio streams, and compression. If you rip/decrypt a bluray and leave it uncompressed, movies usually run between 18-50GB. If I need to recompile the movie so it only includes the audio stream i prefer (DTS or Lossless), my output file is always an .MKV file, however some of my blurays I own, can be ripped to hard drive without any other steps, and these files will always be .M2TS file format. Both work flawlessly on my WD TV Live Unit!