What is the latest firmware?

Hi, my WD TV Live reports that it has the latest software ( but that is pretty old. How can I upgrade to the newest firmware?

Thanks you for Help!

Nope, that’s it… 1.06.15_V (or_B) depending on which player you have.

Tony is right, you already have the latest firmware. However there are 2 different firmware versions. Version 1.06.16_B is for the Live Plus, and version 1.06.15_V is for the Live.

Although WD has said that there will be another firmware update for the Live/Live Plus, it has been almost a year since the last update. We were supposed to have the firmware update in April, then May, then June…well you get the idea. Many here have been anxiously waiting for the update and hoping that it will address some of the issues that are in the current firmware.