What is the latest firmware version for My Book Essential 3.0 wdbacw0020hbk-01?

My Book Essential 3.0 2TB 

P/N: wdbacw0020hbk-01

I tried upgrading the firmware but it says I already have the latest installed which is v1.003. However, on the release notes, the latest version seems to be 1.016. Which is which? 

I hope someone could shed some light on this. thanks!


I had a lot of trouble trying to update my software for My Book Essentials 3TB. Finally, I phoned Western Digial Support Line. A level 2 technicial took control of my computer remotely and spent an hour or two updating the software to Version 1.5.1 if my memory serves me correctly. 

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Alan B.

1.5 is probably the smartware version, not firmware version.