What is the fastest way to transfer files?

Hi, so I just finished transfering 800Gb to my 6TB MBLD, from an external HDD via USB through my PC, which took 24 hours. I have another full 2TB HDD which I want to transfer to the MBLD, but surely there’s a faster way? Can I just plug the HDD directly into the MBLD and transfer straight from the source, instead of going through the USB/LAN connections, as I don’t relish sitting on top of my PC for over 2 days? Also, how long should indexing for DLNA take for 3TB of stuff, any idea?

I’m on the fence about this product at the moment. I’ve read bad things about this DLNA server, which is what I chose this for, and it’s not looking good so far.

Thanks for any help.:smiley:

Unfortunately the option to use the USB port on the MBLD to transfer files is not available. Check the link below for some recommendations on how to improve your network transfer rate. The indexing time will vary depending on the type of file that you have, for example 3TB of pictures will last a lot longer than 50 HD movies that occupy the same space.


Alucardx23 wrote:

Unfortunately the option to use the USB port on the MBLD to transfer files is not available.



It appears to work. I connected the 2TB external HDD directly to the MBLD and waited for it be recognized. Then I navigated to the external HDD in My Network Places then opened up Folders tree and navigated to the public share folder. I could then drag and drop from the HDD to MBLD. This is in XP. I haven’t tried it in Windows 7 yet, but I assume the same method will work.

sure you can copy files directly from the USB drive into the DUO, just need to enable SSH, open a shell (putty) and then copy files via the command line. Not for the faint of hearth, but way much faster that using a computer.

PS: You will still need to leave the shell open in the computer, unless you configure the copy processs to run in the background and not to be shutdown when the terminal is closed (I did it, yet only by following several tutorials online). this way I fire the copy, close the shell and let it do the magic over night :slight_smile: