What is the fastest way to copy content from one drive to another?

I have just received a replacement WD Media Hub from WD.

I have 900GB of content on my old drive.

What is the fastest way to copy the content from the old drive to the new one?

I am running OSX 10.6 on an iMac. So far, I have the 2 drives connecetd via ethernet through my modem/router, and am using the OSX Finder to drag & drop content. It has taken 4 hours to copy just 63GB! I also tried doing it wirelessly using my AirLink  N150’s, but this is even slower.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I have both a LiveHiub and a LivePlus on my network. When I need to move anything bigger than around 10-15gigs I attach an external USB drive to one, copy the data to that, and then take it and plug it into the other WDbox. Cludgy but a lot faster.


WHen I picked up my new nas I used FTP Rush to login to each of my nas’s ftp’s and used it to transfer over 2TB from one nas to the other. I don’t know how fast it transfered at but it was a flawless transfer