What is the difference in energy saving behavior between "My Cloud Mirror" and "My Cloud EX2"?

Before I can decide with of the “WD MY Cloud” is the right device for me (before I buy it) I have some questions:

  1. Did the “My Cloud Mirror” also support the shutdown mode and WOL. (There is no dedicated hint in the datasheets of the “My Cloud Mirror”.)

  2. How did the “My Cloud” decide to shut down:

  • Is there a timeout without accesses to the “My Cloud”?
  • Or how did the “My Cloud” recognize that there are no other devices on the LAN that want to access to the Storage?
  • How did it works with Win7-PC, Samsung TV and android tablets and different mobile phones?
  • Or it is only possible the set one fix Power Schedule to define the power down time?
  1. How did the WOL works:
  • Is there a power over Ethernet (POE) necessary?
  • Or is there a tool (or APP) on every device necessary that send cyclic a keep alive telegram over LAN?
  • In the user manual I read something about the “WD Quick View”.
  • And it is possible to wake up the “My Cloud” with WOL outside of the Start-Time (Power Schedule)?
  1. Is the power consumption of the “My Cloud Mirror” the same as in the Technical Specifications of the “My Cloud EX2”?
  • Power off (WOL enable): 1.05W
  • Standby mode: 10.2W
  • Idle mode: 16.7W
  • Full operation: 21.3W

Can somebody answer me these questions (short answers are sufficient) or is there a document that describes the energy saving behavior for this devices?

Thank your for your effort.

Hello KxUser, welcome to the WD Community. 

1- WOL is not supported for the My Cloud Mirror, only for the EX2.

2- You can shut down the My Cloud from the dashboard or using the quick view app, from here you can also enable or disable the drive sleep option. If this is enabled the hard drive goes into standby mode to save power after a designated period of inactivity. For iOS/Android smartdevices you can use the My Cloud app, if your TV support DLNA media server access you should be able to access the files in the My Cloud. 

3- I recommend you to contact support for the details on how WOL works for the EX2.


4- Both the My Cloud Mirror and the EX2 have the same power requirements. 

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Hi jubei04,

You said WOL is not supported, but why can I wake up my MCM?

Regards, TJSpeedy

Here’s some more info on WOL from a thread just coupledays old →   http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud-EX2/Shutdown-via-SSH/m-p/841223#M2314

No POE ports needed…WOL on my EX2 on plain gigabit ethernet port.