What is the difference between WDBAAN0000NBK-00 and WDBAAN0000NBK-01


I bought two units of WD TV LIVE; one has a P/N of  WDBAAN0000NBK-00 and the other has WDBAAN0000NBK-01.  Is there are difference between the two of them?  The unit with a 00 works fine without any problems while the unit with a 01 is having major problems.  The unit with a 01 keeps freezing as soon as it warms up (5 to 10 minutes after turning it ON) and won’t turn back on until it has cooled off (which might take 15 minutes).  I think I just have a defective unit, but I wanted to check with anyone if they know what is the difference between the P/Ns.

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I believe they’re nominally the “same”, but the “00” is the original hardware revision, and the “01” has the revised power management stuff to meet EU regulations.

Sure sounds like something’s defective in the “01” one… it shouldn’t be doing that.