What is the difference between the My Book and the My Book (new)?

I’m trying to find the best external for an Xbox One for a Christmas present. I’ve decided on the My Book, but am not sure if the old or the new would be better or if there is any difference.


The difference between this drives has more to do with the software that comes with the unit, another difference is that the newer one is formatted as EXfat whereas the old one comes pre-formatted in NTFS

I have the (New) My Book. I had serious problems with it. The exFAT format was the problem for me. It seems my Dell XPS 8900 could NOT boot with it attached. I was called my WD even on this. Had to re-format to NTFS and then it worked. Seems to me it was probably Dell’s BIOS that reads the drives attached to build the F12 Boot Menu. Could not read the exFAT drive is the assumption and it hung.