What is the difference between old and new wd tv live except build in wifi?

Hi i want to know which is the main difference between the old and the new one wd tv live products except the built in wifi for the new wd tv live( http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=330)) and now that release the new wd tv live do you stop the support of the old wd tv live?

And another thing is What chipset has the new wd tv live?

A lot of thanks.

All new UI and many new features (See the manual.)

More premium services

Faster Processor  (Sigma 867x)

Where i can buy it at greece?

And is there anywhere any compare chart between wd tv live 2009 and wd tv live 2011?

I have the wd tv live 2009 if i buy the new wd tv live 2011 i see any change or not?

And where is the site with the specifications and all characteristics of the wd tv live 2009 because now it has been replaced by the new wd tv live 2011.

Please tell me the link for wd tv live 2009.

And the new wd tv live gen3 does it support the tumbnails as the previewer products?


Old WD TV live


New WD TV Live Streaming


The new wd tv live 2003 generation3 what lan does it have?

100 or 1000?

I hope that has 1000 because the previews wd tv live generation2 it has 100 so the next and newer generartion3 it must has at last 1000 don’t you think?