What is the correct way to Shut down my MyBookLive?

Hi i have only just got my MyBookLive, i am very impressed how quiet it is, well done WD.

I am curious to know the correct way to Turn It Off, i can see there is an option in the Quick View menu to Shut Down, but i would prefer it if i was allowed to just switch it off at the mains, of course i wouldnt do this if it was being accessed at the time LOL.

My MacBookPro i never actually turn this off at the mains, i shut the lid and it goes to sleep and i leave it plugged into the mains,  it would it would be a real Pain in the A to have to keep pulling the plug out to turn the MyBookLive off . The MyBookLive is plugged into the same trailing socket as my Router and Modem which until “MyBookLive” turned up this trailing socket was always switched of at the mains at the end of every computer session.

What do you chaps DO with yours.

Do i sense there is Sleep on the My Book Live as well ?, i havent found that yet !, so if it goes to sleep INSTEAD of being Shut Down this would also be OK yeah ?  So in this case would it be ok to simply unplug it from the mains while it WAS asleep ?.

Please give me your opinions thanks.


I leave mine on 24x7.

It will sleep automatically, and wake up when it’s accessed… or at least, it should.    There’s a number of people for whom SLEEP doesn’t work.

No, it’s *NEVER* *EVER* OK to just yank the power on a NAS box without doing a software shutdown first.  *EVER.*

Let me say that again:   *NEVER* do an unclean shutdown on a NAS.   *EVER*.

thanks. that does all sound very sensible thanks.


I type ssh MyBookLive “halt” , where MyBookLive is the IP address of the device. Sadly I then need to pull the cable out and reinsert to switch it back on, as I can’t get wake on lan to work.

The never-switch-it-off approach runs into problems if you want to unplug the device, perhaps to move it to a new room or even a new house.

What about a mains power outage?

So what is the correct way?  All I see is a dire warning never to unplug it.  Is the solution the ssl?  If so, where exactly is that typed in.  Does software shutdown refer to the computer or the NAS.

good point buddy, i know nothing about SSL or is it SSH ?

I’m curious too. I only use the MB for storing backup images - it’s only plugged in once every 3 months for the day.

Is the only solution having to keep the shut-down software permanently installed? Does pulling out the rear power cord really pose a risk?

Thanks. Paul.