What is the correct initial set up for PC OS 7 & MAC OS Lion? Re MBL 3TB Gig Ethernet Drive?

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Please help?

Can I back up BOTH my MacBook and my desktop PC to my Ethernet/Network connected MBDrive?

If so, how do I set up the drive? Will it run “Time Machine” for the Mac and also Smartware (or Windows Backup) for the PC? If not, what do you recommend? What special procedures are needed if any?

Currently I have some small 500mb drives, which I have been backing up to - using Time Machine for the MacBook and Windows backup for the Windows 7 PC.  [my previous Time Machine backups on an Iomega Drive were lost as the drive failed!]

Most, nearly all my photos are now on the MacBook which is FULL :slight_smile: !

Would it be better to use MBDrive (connected directly to the Router) as a Photo/video store, thereby freeing up my MacBook 120Gb hard drive and allowing me to use this laptop again?

Am I being too optimistic hoping/expecting the MBDrive 2Tb to be both a regular Windows/Mac OS back up drive and or a media store/streaming drive? 

Your help would be most appreciated

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The drive does work with windows and Mac as any other NAS

you can connect to your router and setup simultaneous backups in both computers