What is the best way to deal with lots of tv and films?


At the moment I have:

ReadyNas connect by wireless, with 1.8TB of Films, TV shows and photos

External HDD connected to the rear USB, with 1.6TB of Films and TV shows (powered by USB) 

Occasionally a 32GB Flash drive attached to the front socket.

At the moment, every few days, I tend to turn off, remove the External HDD to add more films and videos from my PC.

The ReadyNas has the Rescan done once a month.

The Flash drive is used more often when the External HDD cannot be found

As you can expect the WDTV spend most of it’s live Compiling.

At the moment the external HDD is saying No Media to Playback (I have a separate post for that one)

I only use the Folder View and don’t wait for the media to compile.


What could I do better to manage my media, update the files in a better fashion and no have to bother with the compile.

I am happy using the folder view as the folders and named in the correct fashion.

Thanks in advance

p.s. I use WDTV HubGen to name correctly, JPG and XML incase I ever know how to use the device properly :slight_smile:

p.p.s. I have had the device for few years now and not got past using the Folder View, as the Video view was never great with so many films

well first off you you don’t use the media library functions

then turn it off completely in settings

and just browse by folder

this will remove the compiling issues

Cheers, that has helped me in the short term.

Long term I would like to be able to add, delete videos daily and have it only compile the changes, but not sure this is possible, as I guess it has to check everything to find them.

Thanks again


by no means an expert but I did initially have this issue.

It seems to have gone now, I left  the WD on for a few hours whilst it did all the compiling etc and now there ahrdly any.

bear in mind I have it connected to a 4 bay NAS with over 16TB worth of films and tv series.

Most I must wait is 10-15 seconds if at all.

perhaps somethign to do with networking setup? how si yorunas connected to the WD? via switch / router / cat 6 cabling?

The ReadyNas is connected to the Router by ethernet and the WDTV is connected to the router by ethernet too.

Since I’ve turned off the media functionality, things have been working fine. 

I never used it.