What is the best setup for me?


I have two adjacent rooms, each with a TV. I’d like to have a digital media player that can do:

  • playback (files stored locally)
  • Compatible with popular video formats (avi, mkv, mp4, etc…)
  • External and Internal Subtitle (srt, etc…), and can display Arabic subtitle (a plus)
  • utilize wireless network to transfer files from/to (i.e. updating the device with files without physically connecting to a pc)
  • Youtube (what alike) is a plus
  • Streaming (playing files from one of the computers within the network) is a huge plus

There are many products and most are similar. I tried reading and comparing different products (even non-wd ones), but I am no expert in this field.

Thanks :slight_smile:

sounds like a WD box would do all of that