What is the best method to use to copy/clone one NAS unit to another?

I have finally purchsed a second, higher capacity Cloud EX4 unit. What is the best method to use if I want to copy/clone one to the other?

Do I create the file structure and copy the configuration file from one to the other (presumably this carries the users across) or is there some other procedure that I should follow?

If I was in your shoes : I would configure the new WD My Cloud EX4 as a new Unit from scratch, create new users, download new Apps, and then then connect through ethernet my Computer to the Local Network and copy - paste everything from one Unit to the Other.

Do not Go through the Web Interface or Mobile Apps to do such a thing. It is a pain and counter-productive.


That is exactly the process I am going through. I am currently transferring the data in the way you suggest and will add the users later. I am also using ‘teracopy’ which seems to present an accurate and fast(er) copy process than the ‘Windows’ inbuilt algorithm.