What is the best method to upgrade from 2 TB to a bigger size storage

Hi… I am planning to upgrade my EX2 from 2 TB to 4 TB or higher but what’s the best method to do this?

I have read the post about changing the HDD but involves taking out the old HDD and copying the contents over. post Changing Hard Drive Size in EX2

I have an idea to minimise the disruption but don’t know if it will work. To start off let’s define the HDD as follows :

HDD A = 2 TB (existing)
HDD B = 2 TB (existing)
HDD C = 4 TB (Planning to purchase)
HDD D = 4 TB (will buy if I have the budget later)

I am taking advantage on the EX2 RAID 1 auto rebuild feature.
step 1 : take out HDD A
step 2 : plug in HDD C
step 3 : let the system auto rebuild
step 4 : take out HDD C
step 5 : put HDD C in a PC and run Gparted live CD to resize it as a 4 TB
step 6 : take out HDD B
step 7 : plug in HDD C and HDD D

I should have a 4 TB storage if the system rebuilds with HDD C.

Have anybody done this?

Hello, I have not tried this, the way that I would do it is just to backup the information onto a USB and place the new drives in and then moving the information back onto the EX 2, I know this is time consuming, but its the safest way that I can think of.