What Is The Actual Throughput for WD EasyStore 8 TB Drive

What is the throughput for the WD EasyStore 8 TB external drive? I’ve been using them to do Windows Image Backups for 250 gigs and it seems to run way too fast to back up that amount of data from my hp Omen. Seems like it should take a little over a couple of hours and it is running much faster than that, although on checking that amount of data seems to be on the drive. I am not about to try and restore my machine to test the veracity of the info I’m getting from the properties popup.

There are many factors which affects the data transfer speed or backup speed in an external drives. Such factors are Low System Memory, Computer in use during the backup process, Fragmented Disk, Infected Computer etc. You may refer below link for further details:

Hi asp73. I don’t have slow thruput, I have had what appeared to be overly fast thruput. Upon further review I have discovered that the windows backup tool does not transfer all the files in a system when creating a system image; it only transfers those that have been modified since the last image was made. You can test this out by creating a system image of the system just after (or even the next day, or next week) you have created one. The time elapsed will be negligible. But when you look at the disk properties you will find all your hundreds of GB sitting out there. The Windows software probably looks to see if a file has been modified since the last backup, if not, it just points to that sector of the external hard drive where it already exists. Very efficient, leading to very fast execution time. With the new high-speed USB connections running in G Bits per second, I now do a system image along with the normal incremental every day. Everything completes in about 15 minutes at most. Of course, the first system image takes a bit longer to make.