What IS that?


Can anyone explain what this is supposed to be?

Probably the notice for the OS5 firmware update for your second gen single bay My Cloud if your My Cloud is running the OS3 v2.x firmware.

My Cloud OS 5: How to Update From My Cloud OS 3

Search the various subforums for more information about updating to OS5 and issues folks are having. Some are downgrading back to the OS3 v2.x firmware because of issues and loss of features they experienced with OS5.

OS5 My Cloud subforum

Mhm, thank you Bennor.

This is really dodgy strategy. They want to ask me to install the next OS generation, but forget to display the text. I guess they forgot the localization/translation. What a shame for a world-wide operating company like WD. Anyway, I understand this is not the right place to criticise them. I will see if I can place a support request.

Two comments: They messed up their text resources of the previous OS, so how can I be sure they worked well with their new OS. And second, the above linked page clearly states: There is no way back.

Search both this OS3 subforum and the OS3 forum link above for discussions on the OS5 firmware. Folks are having some issues with it.

Despite WD’s claim that one cannot roll back to the OS3 firmware, there are a number of other discussions both in this subforum and several of the OS5 subforums of people rolling back to OS3 from OS5. The process does require some work and it’s a simple process. At the very least, with a single bay My Cloud unit, one could follow one of the various unbrick methods discussed in this subforum to put the OS3 firmware back on the single bay My Cloud.

Good to know, thanks again!

@Semilynx We’re unable to preproduce this blank text issue with My Cloud OS 5 update user flow.

Do you have add, popup blockers or anything installed?
Any browser addons?
What browser are you using?
Do you experience the same issue with different browsers?
Are you connected via VPN or is the computer and My Cloud on the same LAN?
The text are local to the device and not fetching anything out on the web.

Good morning SBrown,

great to hear from you!
My primary browser is Firefox 87.0 (64-Bit), uBlock origin installed but deactivated for http : //192 . 168 . 2 . 2/ (which is a static IP), other addons: Brief, Open selected links. I use a restrictive cookie setting.
Other browsers: the very same phenomenon with Chrome 89.0.4389.114, no addons, all cookies allowed, Opera 75.0.3969.93, Edge 89.0.774.63 (64-Bit), even with IE …: orange cloud icon, no text.
Windows version is Windows 10 Home 64-Bit, 20H2, 19042.870
MyCloud version: