What is SkitterTV?

Does anyone in the U.S. know anything about the Skitter TV service that was added to the Hub with this latest update? It looks interesting, but when I Googled it, most of the stories that came up where several months old.


Is this not enough info for you ?

Sounds great watching local TV on your TV…is that not what local TV is for…

Just wondering whether anyone’s tried it.

Why don’t you ? Not trying to be rude…but are you not going to that firmware, or is there another reason.

I am confused by its write up though, usually if you have bad TV reception it means you live in the sticks, and your internet is not usually any better, so I can’t get my head round that… :slight_smile:

i did try to sigh up… it’s not available upstate NY.


It’s not available in my area, but I did find through their facebook page it’s available in Portland, OR. It’s $15 for 10 local stations. If you don’t wanna run an antenna, that’s a viable option considering cable company install, more inflated prices, etc. I found it odd though it’s their only package offered & only contains local free stations when I saw they are wanting to have local & web stations combined; it seems like the web stations would be easier for them to get access to before the rights to the local stations. I have been waiting for something like this though. I want to spend more cash on faster internet & less cash on content.


Skitter availability appears to be EXTREMELY limitted.

It seems to be a new baby. I hope it or one of it’s predecessors get their product moving, sounds perfect for me. The hub has made me a huge WD fan & I would love all my content through their apps

Tony is right.  Until recently it was available only in NYC.  I’ve seen comp[laints that it doesn’t deliver stable content, although I read these complaints a month ago.  I also heard that the Networks and local stations are preparing to sue Skitter.tv.  But who knows?

DO NOT CLICK ON “LIVE TV” IN THE CURRENT FIRMWARE.  This will take you to a sign-up [if you don’t already have an account] for Skitter TV, which is currently only available in NYC, as palavering noted.  Once in the sign-up loop, you are trapped until you turn off the WDTV, and then must power it back on.  Stoopid. OK, not the end of the world, but irritating nonetheless.

what i want to know is if i live say in minnesota can i watch their portland oregon tv. they never bring it up anywhere i’ve looked though you’d think you should be able to as it’s going through the internet. skitter’s support is nonexitant though so no answers there and no one else seems to be asking if you really have to live in the specific market to subscribe to it.

From what I’ve read on the SkitterTV website, a subscriber must be in a specific market to subscribe.