What is needed in the App and the Login access to our MyCLoud

“What is needed” will be expressed in terms of what I see as the strengths and weaknesses of each. This is posted under “Cloud Storage/My Cloud” but a more experience user suggested posting here, specifically under “Cloud-Ideas”

Problems with WDMyCloud.com gateway:

Very Slow.
The files on a page load very slowly. On a page that had 8-10 thousand files it took 9 minutes to get to the end of the alphabetically arranged files, by just holding down the Down arrow key.

This contrasts to the WD MyCLoud App which very quickly scales the folder and produces a scroll bar that will go anywhere in the list without delay.

Loss of Function
The WD2go.com site provided for mounting a drive for each share on the MyCloud (in my case usually starting with N:). This allowed normal operations by programs on the computer, such as a backup program. It allowed for normal copying, etc., without altering the properties of the file. It allowed for rapid and practiced mouse and keyboard actions.

The WD MyCloud.com site has lost all of this and has not replaced it with anything comparable. I would say this would be very close to a make or break feature.

Now files and folders have to be “downloaded,” a more tedious and less useful process. Folders that are downloaded are zipped and the File Properties are retained. Individual files when downloaded lose their original properties. This is inconsistent.

File Properties
Changing the file properties when transferring files to Windows is unnecessary and unintuitive. Because the MyCloud is part of a network whether LAN or, effectively, WAN, it should not be be treated as `some place out there’ that I downloaded a file (or files) from). Files should retain their properties. This is critical in backup: for auto-choosing of files to backup, overwriting, synchronizing, etc.

Sending links to someone is a different case but for simplicity no files should have their dates, etc., changed.

Streaming Media
Files download before playing after choosing yes to play them. This can take a long time for a, for example, 2Gb video.

In contrast, the App streams and starts to play virtually instantly.

Streaming seems very possible for website access. Downloading can be an option given.

Problems with My Cloud App

Sending links to other people
When you Right-click to open the option to “Copy link”, it produces an extremely long link. I am sure security is involved with this but in this case the WD MyCloud.com website performs better. On the website when you Right-click and chose to “Share” and then “Get link” a link of about half the size is created.

I also have no trouble with the website-derived links whereas I have timeouts and other problems with the App-derived links. I am not sure if a link from the App has ever worked:

The link that is provided for a file or folder should be able to connect with the file or folder but it does not work for me. If this is transient because of ongoing web development making it occasionally unstable or inaccessible I must be choosing the wrong times by chance. But since this has been always, `the chance ’ must be well over 50% of the time

The longer link is always identical, whenever you get it. In the case of the WD MyCloud.com site this is not the case and I am sure this is also taking care of security. This is just an observation but suggests the shorter link serves the same purpose and could be used in the App.

File Properties
So far as I can see, you cannot copy files out of the MyCloud with the App, you can just open them. If that is the distinguishing feature of the App vs website gateway, OK , but the App’s strength, its speed an efficiency at navigating the folder system, should be incorporated into the website where it is more specifically critical -and media streaming .


If the website development is not finished, WD should not have gotten rid of the wd2go functions or website itself until the job is done over at WDMyCloud.com. (I realize that the wd2go.com website is engaged in the mycloud.com functions.)

At times the App cannot connect with the MyCloud. Among other things I get a `security certificate’ warning. This may just be a local issue with modem/router but I hope the MyCloud device is not confusing the modem/router or itself.

I feel this is incomplete but I am going away on a volunteer mission for months, I have no time left to investigate and comment and I really, really, need the functionality (mounting a drive for each share) of the original WD2go website.

I have no problems copying files when using the Android version of the My Cloud App. To copy a file, tap and hold on the file to select it. The select the “menu” icon (upper right in my case) and the following screen appears with a dialog box indicating options, one of which is the ability to copy.

If I select the copy option the following screen appears where I’ve given a choice of where to save it. From this screen I can navigate to a folder to save the file either on my local Android device or on another My Cloud, if there are multiple My Cloud devices available.

Thanks, Bennor for making me revisit what I said. In my case,working in Windows XP or Win 7 Pro, the webpage has a menu with a Right click also, and Copy is one option but one can only copy to the destinations offered which are all on the MyCLoud device, not to the Win OS. There is the option to Download which is handed over to the Win OS.

In the case of the App, again within Win XP or 7 Pro, there is the option to Copy but only within the MyCloud.

It IS possible, however, to drag any file or folder out to Windows. This is far more efficient that the website access.

Also in the App you can select several files or folders whereas in the webpage to just click on a file or folder will open it. These things limit its usefulness.

It should be noted that the “app” as you call it is actually the WD My Cloud Desktop for Windows/Mac program. By calling the WD My Cloud Desktop program an “app” you may confuse others who assume that by “app” you are referring to the WD My Cloud for iOS and WD My Cloud for Android “app” which are used on mobile devices.

While I won’t make excuses for WD, there are certain web programming and security aspects that may prevent WD from coding the MyCloud.com site so it performs exactly like the WD My Cloud Desktop program/software or performs exactly like Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder.

On the issue of the mapping drives remotely through the MyCLoud.com site, the loss of remote drive mapping was due to WD changing from WebDAV to Webfiles on their server backend. This has been explained a while back in another thread. Feel free to voice your complaint as others have done, including myself, in the following Cloud Ideas thread: