What is it please?

Have been given this drive (measures 2.5 X 7cm) by someone that knows no more about it than I do. I gather that WD acquired HGST products some years ago. Is it an internal or external HD? Could I install it in a UGreen HD enclosure and connect it to a Mac desktop?

Throw it away … the production date is January 2013 … that’s 8 years ago.

Sure, it’s using a standard SATA Connector … so you could install it in a Laptop, Desktop or an External Enclosure and format it however you like for PC or Mac

Don’t worry about the previous posters statement about it being 8 years old, Hard drives are not like a carton of milk that have a Best Before / Use By Date … if it has no bad sectors and clicking sounds, then it should be good to go.

I’ve had brand new hard drives fail after 1 or 2 years … and still have hard drives that are well over 10 years old that still work fine :slight_smile:

Thank you. It has never been used – was in a hermetically sealed bag.

If it’s never been used in 8 years hopefully the lubrication in the motor bearings haven’t dried up and seized the motor preventing the spindle from rotating.

Oh, well … i’ll guess you’ll find out when you fire it up

Electronic components such as circuit boards also age when not in use.

Not really. ONLY electrolytic capacitors might be subject to a loss of function; most HDD PCB now use polymer based capacitors. All silicon and carbon components would not deteriorate.

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