What is in sda5 - sda8?

I suspected that these partitions could contain code from the NSA.

A Honored Contributor accused me of spreading conspiracy and told some of his insider knowledge, but the whole issue still is not clear.

 When I renamed the boot folder - to my big surprise MyCloud still did boot, which proves that uImage on the root partition is not required for a working system.

So maybe sda5 or sda6 also contains that data.
sda7 and sda8 look like a config file with embedded script.

 Any educated guesses how MyCloud does boot?

-_- The other thread got locked for a reason. Cause any sane person realizes this is rediculous. If you knew more about linux you could look at the partitions yourself but that’s clearly beyond you so you wildly speculate… They have many different partitions for reasons. It’s a complex raid system and contains other partitions like a ram disk for logs etc. THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY. LEARN HOW PARTITIONS AND MOUNTING WORK. LOOK FOR YOURSELF.