What is currently the best firmware

I just bought a WD TV live, I’ve not yet connected it to the network.  But before doing that (and maybe have to upgrade the firmware), I would like to know what is for you the best firmware.

I read a lot of threads on forums saying that the latest firmware has many issues.  So today, what is the best, bug free firmware?

Thanks a lot for your help!!!


b-rad.  Nice movie sheet templates, thumbgen, NFS, xmount, OSD mods, USB hub support, and more

He said bug free and a quick glance at the b-rad forums reveals lots of issues there too, mainly due to complex nature of that beast. Yes it is nice but it is inherently based on the WD firmware so issues around audio synch remain for example.

The best firmware is the next one coming out!!! Sorry no other answer than that would surffice in the present climate.

Play your files.  If everything works to your satisfaction, don’t update the firmware.  ;)

I’m using the latest firmware (1.02.21) but I’m a reckless tinkerer.  For me (and others), it works great.  It’s not perfect but I can play all my files (mixture of 720p MP4 and MKVs, along with some older AVI files) with minimal adjustments needed.

Still, others claim it breaks everything, which I find hard to believe but there you go.  So many different network setups out there, can’t really make any guarantees.

If you do upgrade and wish to revert back to earlier firmware, it’s possible to do so.  Don’t worry about getting stuck with a broken firmware.

Oh, and my recommendation is to update via USB.  I’ve never had any issues doing so.

Good luck, and welcome to the forum.  :)

I had the least trouble with That’s the one you would get if you were to purchase a new unit today