What is an #RMA

Been trying to log a problem with Product Support but the form asks me to supply my #RMA and it won’t let me submit the query without it. Where do I find that? And just in case someone reads this who’s had experience with it, my WD TV lLve displays with a dreadful green tinge through everything - menus, files etc. Obviously there’s some kind of display setting conflict I can’t solve. Any clues. Up until now I have used a WD TV unit and it has (and still does) work OK without this issue, so I’m a bit mystified. I have also tried the WD TV Live on a friend’s TV and it works perfectly. So puzzled and frustrated. Cheers

RMA number is a replacement order number, you should not have one unless you have an open request for a warranty replacement. Here are more ways to get to WD.

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Thanks for your help.

RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization. 

Pre-authorization required from the retailer/merchant before the customer ships  the product back for replacement etc.