What internal interface has the 2 TB Passport Studio for Mac?

I want to purchase 2 of them and use the internal drive of one of them for putting it into my Macbook Pro. But for doing so I need the internal HDD to have a Sata interface. Does anybody know whether this is the case?

And if somebody knows that: what is the axact thickness of the internal drive?

Thanks for providing this information.

The drive has a proprietary connector

Better buy an internal drive for your laptop

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Thanks for caring.

But as I found out meanwhile, you may possibly confuse this with the PC/Windows oriented “standard” Passport 2TB version with USB 3.0, that indeed according to a review has a custom interface.

The Mac version with Firewire 800 and USB 2.0 appears to have Sata "and reveals a custom 15mm tall 2TB WD20NPVT Scorpio Blue hard drive inside", according to another review from  Storage Review

Then if that’s the case you already got your answer :smiley:

Wizer wrote:

Then if that’s the case you already got your answer :smiley:

I have it on order for finding out. I take reviews with a grain of salt. There was a review claiming that the alternative Seagate Free Agent GoFlex 1.5 TB has internal Sata and is 12.5 mm thick.

I purchased it today, just to find out, that it indeed has Sata, but a thickness of 14.5 mm. 

I have nevertheless fitted it into the internal HDD slot of my Macbook Pro, but I could not use the Macbook’s internal decupling mechanism, because for this the space isn’t sufficient.

Now I would like to know whether a HDD just fixed mechanically to the body of a notebook is in significant mechanical risk during average operating environments.

But this may be beyond the scope of this forum.