What incentive should WD offer its suffering early adopters?

I think everyone here can agree the device has issues and fails on multiple fronts.  The top issues seen / discussed here:

  1. Poor overall performance.  Gigabit theoretical threshold is 125MBs.  Real world sees 100MBs.  We see 40MBs.

  2. CPU saturated at 100%.  Poorly written or running process hog CPU threads and further degrade performance.

  3. General GUI performance & interface problems.  Missing / blank info / screens.  GUI actions that lock up and lead to #4.

  4. 500 Internal errors.  Unit continues to function with lack of GUI interface until a manual reset is performed.

Who here trusts that thier data is safe as a result of all these internal problems? 

Do you think WD even cares?  I have 2 days left to return this…  Unless WD cares to respond?

Return it… please! :smiley:

Have you called customer service?

I think that WD should offer many of their users on this forum some sort of apology/gift for the disastrous product the EX4 has turned out to be. While I have finally gotten mine to work just as it should for the most part It should not have been so difficult, or required the steps that I had to take. Buying a new product direct from the factory means it should work right out of the box. However, if the first thing you have to do is a restore, and a reformat to help erase the issues that the device has then there’s obviously issues. In addition, the reformatting and reset still do not actually eradicate the issues since the CPU, GUI, and 500 error all still being experienced with the server use. 

I’ve had enough of my EX4 and am returning it. I have found CS to be most unhelpful and seem to be able offer little else than restoring the device back to factory settings. I don’t feel like my data is safe, and considering the amount I spent on this product that should be the least it can do. Can anyone recommend a similar (albeit fater) NAS with cloud features? (this was the main reason I bought the EX4).