What if my pc will be hacked

Recently I have downloaded the desktop app of My Cloud Home so I can easilytranfer files.I am wondering what will happen if my pc gets hacked and worse case scenario I am asked ransom to get my files back. Will this also include the files on My Cloud Home since now there is a folder directly to My Cloud Home on my pc?

Depends upon a few details on how your system is configured and how sophisticated the ransomeware is.

I once had a brush with some nasty ransomeware that did . . . not. . . .actually. . . encrypt . . any. . .files. On one level; scary. On another level: Amusing.

There are several ways to protect yourself from ransomeware attacks. I suggest you do some google research.

In terms of NAS boxes. . . . the first step I would practice would be to NOT use drive letter access for the drives. Whenever I need to access files, I use a file explorer window and type the IP address of the nas box; or the nas-box name. Also, the NAS boxes do show up as a network device in the file explorer navigation pane. It doesn’t really hamper doing file transfer work with the drives.