What, if any, 4TB-8TB external hard drives are compatible with the WDTV Live SMP

I have a WDTV Live SMP which I have had and enjoyed for the last year or so. Currently I have two 2TB Seagate Go Flex drives and one 1TB drive hooked up as network shares to my WDTV Live SMP and they work great. They also work well as Network Shares for my WDTV Live Plus I have downstairs. My media collection is nearing the limit of available space on my drives. My question is are there any 4TB to 8TB hard drives that are compatible with the my WDTV Live SMP connected via a network share? Is there any limit to how many network shares, or thier size for that matter, that I can have connected to both my units. Any feedback is appreciated.

No 2TB is the limit and from what I’m going through with this device your best bet is to go with Intel’s NUC, Gigabyte’s Brix and have No limitation use 4TB 5TB future though and running all on Windows 7/8.

On the flip side of thing’s if you have what much Media build a media server and run your content from the NAS way better then dealing with this buggy device crashing especially when watching Youtube for get about this device as I did today more on to something better more powerful.

My only problem is I use the WDTV Live to run the media to my big screen TVs. Plus all my video media is in MKV format and I don’t know if the NUC or Brix will do the same thing for me.

it’s running Windows why wouldn’t it, load up Plex or VLC Media Player and Watch away on Windows that have access to more software then this device can give you. Also Plex works with Moviedb so adding info and covers are no differance from doing it on wd tv live.

Did some more research on multiple forums. Looks like there is no size limit as to how big a network share can be. Several users are connecting to 12TB shares. Looks like the size limit is only a problem for usb connection although several users stated new firmware releases from WD fixed that issue.

Exploring some more on your media server suggestion I went ahead and installed Serviio. Works great although it doesn’t appear to support Movie Sheets and Folder Sheets as well as I’d like. But thats a different issue all together.

EolasTear - How did you get your WDTV Live to “see” the Seagates? I have the 4GB GoFlex and the WDLive doesn’t see it.  The GoFlex is connected to the router as an NAS.


I don’t have them hooked up as NFS shares. I have them hooked up as windows shares. However, if you have them hooked up as NFS shares make sure you go to setup and enable Linux Shares to be accessesible by the WDTV Live, its turned off by default. I will be trying to get mine hooked up via NFS this weekend to see how that works compared to windows shares. What settings and configuration are you using.

if you have it connected to your router, it’s not a mater of what the WD supports, it’s does the router support it

if the router supports drives that size

then you just have to correctly set up

either smb or nfs for your wd to see it

Thanks KAD79. I was able to eventually confirm exactly what you just stated. Now I just need to shop around for a large hard drive.

Since you will always end up needing more space than you think, why not look for something that is upgradeable? If you are not worrying about redundancy, you can get away with this pretty innexpensively. A four or eight bay drive drive enclosure would let you use regular internal 3.5" drives and you can add them one at a time if you like. For one of my rigs I am using a mediasonic 4 bay enclosure that can attach as USB3 or ESATA and is only about $100 on Amazon. You can always add a RAID card later if you want redundancy or do software based file duplication. (I use DriveBender to merge drives and duplicate files)

You can of course just use a USB hub to add more drives, but an enclosure lets you choose the internal drive types you like, and is a clean solution over housing 4 externals. Hook it up to a Windows machine and set it up as a share(s) to your WD box.

Worth a look if you think you will need to add more space in the future, and you will always end up needing more space.


Yeah, thats what I am looking into. As it sits right now I think I am about done customizing my WDTV Live units. I am running WDLXTV Plus on my WDTV Live Plus with Linksheets enabled and I am really happy with that setup. MY WDTV Live SMP is running the Darklight theme. Its okay but I would rather have a theme that supports the Linksheets as I like the folder sheets option there. I guess I can live with the Darklight theme though. So basically once I finalize my storage solution I should be set. Thanks for the suggestion on the multi bay enclosure, at least I know I was on the right path.

the WDLive can see all of the music. It’s the ISO files it claims that don’t exist.