What I like to see in the next firmware update

  1. Able to access PCs that are not in the same group.
    I have PCs that are in the domain and also PCs that are in workgroup. I want to be able to access any of them without changing the group name in the WD unit.

  2. Allow users to type in the IP address or PC name (e.g. \officePC\c$ …) instead of looking for the SHARED folders. 

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Your post sounds more like an Idea or a Feature Request. The best place for this is in our Ideas Exchange. This way someone from WD will be sure to see it. However, I would search first and make sure that there isn’t another idea similar to yours that you could add your post to and vote on.

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1- Make the data transfer faster!

2- Add in the menu an option to play with the contrast, saturation, brightness ect…

3- Air View and Air Play support (for Iphones)


First of all: BUGFIX the current release!!!

Then add some basic functions that should have been there from scratch:

  • Audio volume control via remote (necessary in some cases and standard in e.g. most low cost DVD players)

  ( http://community.wdc.com/t5/Live-Hub-Ideas/VOLUME-CONTROL-again/idc-p/182394#M874) )

  • OSD on/off option in options (also listed in the forum with suggestions how to be done best)

There is such a great community with lots and lots of good ideas and even a forum voting system for them.

Just take the most basic, most voted and easiest to apply ideas and suggestions :wink:

Oxter’s point is that any ideas and feature requests need to be made in the correct Idea forum for the product you’re talking about.

WD aren’t specifically monitoring the regular forums for ideas.  They do monitor the Ideas Exchange forums.

Why post more ideas in the wrong place right after the moderator has shown you the correct location for them…?  :|


Why post more ideas in the wrong place right after the moderator has shown you the correct location for them…?  :|

^^ still posted mine there and I think, this thread could be deleted because of the wrong location (as it has been said this is not the right place… and when WD seems to ignore the buggy firmware and basic feature help calls in the correct location, they surely won’t read this here)

I would like to see a way to change file and minimally folder names.  When I transfer my stuff over to the internal storage it renames the folder name with some long hexidecimal number appended to it and with no way for me to change it!  That’s ridiculous!  Give the user control over this please.

Also the transfer/copy/sync speed from an attached USB drive is painstakingly slow.  It looks like transfer speeds I used to experience with a 28.8k modem! 

As far as hardware, WD could have taken it much further including a mini-USB connection to attach the device to a computer and use it (copy/move files, etc.) just like a hard drive.  Something tells me that would have made syncing media files up a whole lot easier and faster. 

IT should be able to display Folder.xml file

You can give a folder a thumb, but the data is always empty

I just hope they fix the gamma issue in the next firmware, it is too bright and kills the black levels :frowning:

I have a hard time believing that WD staff actually care what people write in those idea forums.

I would love to see an option to hide all the file extensions!

They actually do in a way.

If you have the XML for the movie with getinfo, it does rename the file from “300.avi” to “300” when you are clicking through them… I found that annoying, and also think it slowed things down a fraction.

You can actually hide the text as well, by editing the Theme XML file, but when you do that, you lose the text from the Videos selection onward, which is fine if you know what each icon is, and have all the getinfo for all your files.