What HDD connection type? What converter type?

Hi. My Cloud Home is unable to connect to wifi, everything has been tried. So I just want to remove its HDD and plug it directly to my Mac USB. I am totally noob in this matter so, what type of connecter or hardware convertor do I need to get this? Also, I read that Linux is required for My Cloud HDD reading, is that true? Do you know any kind of Linux app for a Mac to read it? Thanks a lot for your help.


you’ll need a 3.5" USB Sata Enclosure/Adapter with AC Power … if you buy one without a AC Adaper then that will only work with a 2.5" drive. (3.5" HDD require external power)

All WD Network devices using Linux as an OS then HDD will be EXT2/4 format, which is a Linux filesystem.

Create a Linux Live Bootable USB or CD

My Cloud Home does not directly connect to WiFi … it’s connected via Wired Ethernet which then assigns it an IP Address on your LAN (Local Area Network) which then you connect to via your Wireless WiFi Router.

I would recommend checking your Router settings or at least trying to solve it, because removing the hdd, spending money on a sata adapter and using Linux is gonna more challenging then solving your WiFi connection to the My Could Home.

Thanks a lot for your help. Router was changed and met all requirements and setup to run My Cloud Home, but it’s not working. Contacted WD and after 1000 emails and technical conversations they finally suggest to make a hard reset so losing all data, which I am not going to do. Thanks again for your help, I’ll try your suggestions.