What HDD choose for My Book Live DUO?

Merry Christmas everyone !

I recently purchased empty My Book Live Duo with no HDD. It originaly was 4T version. Model No is: wdbvht0040jch-00

So my question is what HDD to choose ? Maybe I can increase capacity and put two 3Tb drives ?

Also, as I know it had Green HDD, maybe I can put other WD HDD ?

Thank you for answers :slight_smile:

An empty MBLD is a brick.  You’ll have to manually install all the software using a Linux computer regardless of which drive size you choose…

Yes I read about that and debricking method.

But my question is: does any WD drive will work, doesn’t mather if it’s Sata 3 or Sata 6 ? I know that they should be two same model ones.