What happens with your data in the cloud if the hard drive crash?

Like the topic say…
What happens with your data in the cloud if the hard drive crash?

I’m thinking to get myself a WD My Cloud hard drive, so I just want to know.
So let say that I have all my personal data on the hard drive, the hard drive sends a copy of the data to the cloud.
But then the hard drive crash, does that mean that the data in the cloud are gone as well or will it be possible to get it through an app or a website? I mean will the data in the cloud still exist even if the WD My Cloud hard drive broke?

Or would you recommend if I buy a 2TB WD My Cloud that i also get another 2TB hard drive of some model that will act as a backup for the WD My Cloud hard drive?

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I think you misunderstand the name of the product.

The WD My Cloud is merely a NAS, a network attached storage. The ‘cloud’ facilities it provides are merely the ability to remotely access the NAS. No other cloud service is involved; your data is stored only on the MyCloud, and nowhere else. The device does not ‘send a copy to the cloud’.

If the MyCloud fails (like all HDD-based storage can), you may lose your files. If you cannot survive such a data loss, you should make regular backups of the MyCloud, to defend against whatever data loss you anticipate (device failure, device theft, fire/flood damage, etc). WD provide utilities to do such backups, but other backup tools can be used. You may want to read the User Manual (google and download it) to find out how the MyCloud works, and what facilities it offers.

I believe @cpt_paranoia provided excellent advice.
My solution might help you …

3TB MyCloud
4TB MyBook [usb3 always connected to MyCloud]
Gig switch to connect 1 pc and MyCloud to the router
Nightly safepoint to MyBook

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: