What happens when a file is deleted from a My Cloud 3 TB box?

I’m about to purchase a 3TB My cloud for my home. Earlier today I was reading some comments (good and bad) from owners of the My Cloud. One person indicated that if a file is deleted from the hard drive, it is not immediately move to the recycle bin. But instead, is shown as “Unavailable” until some sort of indexing occurs. The user indicated it is not possible to “force” this indexing and in some cases it may take 24 hours before the deleted files actually shows up in the Recycle bin. That sounds “odd” to me. Does this sound correct ?

Well, for one thing, the My Cloud single-bay doesn’t have Recycle Bin capability, so not sure why people would say that in the reviews.

Secondly, on the units that do support that capability, that behavior mentioned is not one I’ve ever seen…

Thanks for the VERY quick reply.
So, what happens when you delete a file ? Does it simply disappear ? Never to be heard from again unless a backup exists somewhere ?

I don’t know why the person stated what he did either.
THAT’S, why I thought I would ask for ideas from current owners.

Yep, when it’s deleted, it’s gone. Now, of course, there are ways of recovering deleted files, but it can be troublesome and is hit-or-miss.

@JustRay This answer is, if you use WD Sync. I don’t use it but hope this helps.