What happens to the hdd WD Blue PC HDD 3.5" when i face a power failure on windows 10 operating system and then the power is restablished again?


I want to learn more about how my hdd works on windows 10.

What happens during a power failure?

Imagine that i am working on my pc and suddenly the power is cut off on my house, and then the power gets back again. What happens to my hdd?

Usually when this occurs i did a chkdsk /v/f/r.

But my system is old and a little bit slow my hdd has 1Tb of storage.

My actual setup is:

  • Hp6000 pro sff with 8Gb of Ram

  • Hdd WD10EZRZ-00HTKB0.

  • Cpu Intel Core 2 duo E7500

I have some afraid that this can cause bad sectors on my hdd that’s the reason i did that.

Can someone give me some technical explanation please.

I work with computers for 30 years and when i started to work with computers i know that power failures can cause damage originating data loss and can cause bad sectors.

I am aware of that some spikes on the electrical network can damage the hdd nowadays this is still true yet?

Same thing that will happen on Windows 7 /8 / 10 / 11 , Linux and Mac

Potential damage and data loss/corruption.

Yes … electricity hasn’t changed in 30 years.

If you’re overly concerned … i would advise to always keep a backup of your important data kept somewhere safe ie. Not plugged into your PC

And, invest in a surge protector or better yet … a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)


I am very much concerned about how to act after power outage in my house and what to do next time Windows boot.

Whenever my home suffers from power outage, I do an extended search through all partitions of my HDD with the CHKDSK /F/R command.

To do that i use HIREEN’S BOOT PE from USB and run the CHKDSK with the parameters that i wrote before.

With all this, I want to prevent possible data loss or even worse hardware failures as much as possible.

I’m not buying a UPS yet. but maybe I will buy some kind of energy protection like the electric extensions of the APC brand.

I don’t know if i am doing things the right way! It always take a lot of time to finish.

I Know my PC is old HP 6000 PRO SFF:

CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E7500.

8 Gb of Ram DDR 3.

HDD - WD10EZRZ-00HTKB0 1 Tb.

I want to learn how to do it the right way and avoid wasting time on some tasks if i can!

Thank you very much for all the possible help you can provide.

Kindly regards