What happened to WD build quality?

Over the last 2 1/2 years I have purchased two WD external drives. I bought them on what I believed to be WD’s reputation and build quality. Nothing could be farther from the truth! In just over a year (how nice since WD warranties are only good for 1 year) this drive was failing fast and only through sheer determination was I able to move the data to a new drive. The drive was barely at half capacity when the malfunction began and I wonder what’s the point in having capacity YOU CAN’T EVEN USE!!! Worse than that, I moved the data onto a new WD My Book Essential that I bought late last year (2009), AND NOW IT’S IN THE EARLY STAGES OF FAILURE!!! I noticed a post from “satyam” from a few days ago complaining about a “clicking sound,” and I’m having the same problem. This hardware is a terrible disappointment! I use these drives to store video footage and it’s clear that they are just not up to the task. The “Essential” drive isn’t even a year old and I fully expect WD to honor the warranty on it. They would be well served to replace them both at no charge–as I would do for my clients if I delivered my products in a way that failed to meet expectations.

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I have always made it a practice that if I complain about a situation and a company does right about it, I have an equal obligation to say that, too. To that end, I want to offer major props to WD for turning an unhappy (my term was actually “pissed off”) customer to one that is extremely pleased with the ultimate outcome. John Coyne (CEO) first stepped up to the plate to intercede and asked Gary Meister and Jim Case to handle things on behalf of WD. To say they did an outstanding job is an understatement and I want everyone in the WD Community to know that my confidence has been fully restored. You can print that!! :smileyvery-happy: