What happened to "Open As" in the app?

I don’t know if this is the right category, I can’t find one that’s specific to the app. I have OS5 (naturally, since WD bricked OS3 forcing everyone to migrate) and I use it to watch shows remotely (on Galaxy S8) that I have downloaded and stored on my WD device. When I would go to open something, the bottom right gave me a menu with an “open as” option. I open it on my device using VLC because it’s superior to the default video player. Just yesterday, I noticed that menu has been replaced with “Save To Device.” Did something update? What happened to Open As? The only way I can find to open a show in VLC is if it’s a filetype that isn’t supported. Is there a way to change the default player in the app?

FYI, there is a dedicated subforum for OS5 specific discussions for specific OS5 issues.