What happen if my WD NAS device get stolen, will people easy access my HDD

Hi, I looking advance security Small Business Network Storage Device storage for our company P&C document.

My Boss just give me a question as below.

  1. Security on hard disk, what if happen that NAS device get stolen, can people just took out hard disk plug into another system to access HDD data. Any WD HDD have feature that protect on this case? At least have numerial protect on entry level.

I been walk thought IT Store for WD product, unfortunatly, nope of them giving me a confirm. therefore, i here to request assist. Hope to hear from you. Thanks

AFAIK… the drive can be connected to another Sentinel or a computer to read the ext3 drives.

If you look in the hardware monitor in the dashboard, on the right is a thing to lock drives.  That will do what you want I think