What good does the latest firmware do to us ? Why still face the lost connection issue?

I just bought WD My Cloud 3 TB a week ago and found out the biggest problem of using this kind of device that it loses connection itself randomly after using it for a day or few. It always say “unable to access device (0)” when I try to access it via both web browser and app on smartphone and pc. However, I can access it locally via network in “my conputer” and uPnP on the hd player. Isn’t this kind of device supposed to work continuously 24/7 ??? Don’t we get it for using it online via wireless signal ???

On the WD site, it says the latest fw can solve the issue of losing connection and yet unexpectedly, I don’t see something like that or like what they just boasted. Do you guys find the same problem as i m doing at the moment ? Hopefully, WD will solve this issue once and for all or I sell it online since there is no refund or returning WD product in my country. Then, I m gonna get a real NAS device despite throwing much more money on it.

For the remote access issue try the following:

  • delete the device from all your mobile apps, wd2go.com web site and WD Desktop app

  • go the NAS UI and request access codes to access the device in each of these apps

  • make sure that in the NAS UI, it says connected in the remote access section of the settings, and that at least one user has remote access enabled.

Sorry but where the NAS UI u mentioned is. Would you mind telling me how i can get into it ? I m not much used to the networking device. Thank you

Enter the IP address of your NAS in your browser.

If you don’t know the IP address of your NAS on your local network, and if you don’t know how to find, let us know!

Thank you, i got it now but it seems like the mobile app, wd2go.com or even the window app don’t require me to input the access code i got from my NAS page after adding the device again. It just asked me to put the username and password is all. Nevertheless, I haven’t noticed the lost connection since this morning i last unplugged and plugged it back. Hopefully, the issue will somehow disappear because I don’t wanna get ripped off when selling it online and spending a lot more money on the real NAS device.