What FTP server is in each WD NAS device?

This question obviously does not belong in just one sub-forum but I had to pick one. Hopefully people familiar with multiple WD devices will respond.

I have an WD MyCloud (Gen2) NAS (no qualifier like EX or DL 0 Just “MyCloud”). It has the PureFTPd server that is incompatible with the FTP client in some Acronis backup software I run. Before I give up on WD and get another brand NAS I want to know what FTP servers are running in each of the WD NAS product lines.

I know that the FTP server running in MyBookLIve is compatible, but the MBL FTP server does not identify itself; it just says “Welcome to MyBookLive” or some such. But that tells me that multiple FTP servers are in use at WD.

Does anybody know what FTP server is running in each of the WD NAS products? I want to avoid any running PureFTPd.

Thanks. Not what I wanted to hear, but good information nonetheless. Another NAS that I can’t use. I suspect the EX series also uses PureFTPd. I guess I’ll start looking at other vendors’ NAS devices.