What Firmware to use?

Can I manually change a V2 firmware to a V4 firmware on a MyCloud device. For I would like to use apps, but in the Apps tab there are only HTTP downloards and Safepoint.

Will V4 run on any MyCloud system ?

If you current firmware is V2 then you can’t change to V4. The V4 is for gen1 My Clouds. The V2 is for gen2
My Clouds.

Okay, so if I have the newest V2 firmware, where can I add new apps ?
Like dropbox support or that antivirus app?

In the app-tab there seems to be no button to add new apps.

The single-bay clouds don’t allow for addition of apps.

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That’s a pity, but a good explanation.

If I see it correctly I still would be able to enable SSH access and then use the MyCloud like a linux system, installing software myself, right ?

Only if they’re compiled using the compatible cross-compiler. The word-size on the Cloud’s aren’t a necessarily “standard” size.

Sadly, WD thought it was fun to lock the user almost completely out of the device. Everything you change via ssh will be reset after a reboot. Of course it is somewhere on the device. But in a non-standard way. Samba and other have weird configuration, when I looked around samba told me about depreatiated option in the config files.

I think it is a miracle that the device is working at all.

Check serial number - if its end with “xxx-10” - you have 2nd generation device (“Gen2”) and FW v2.xx.xx
If “xxx-00” - its Gen1, FW v04.xx.xx and non-standart “Memory page size” (64kb vs normally 4kb)

For Gen2 i make a “Workaround” for enable “native apps”: WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!
For Gen1 - Only Chroot (Debian Jessie + Some of popular software, like Transmission, Minidlna, MC, LAMP pack and other)
For both devices i also make few alternatives - Clean Debian jessie and ported Synology DSM. Check this forum (Use search).