What file format?

Can someone let me know what the best file format would be to rip a DVD so that it can be played on this box.

I use DVDFab for all of my ripping so I don’t need to be concerned with copy protection, etc.

I would just like to find a format that will give me as close to 1:1 resolution as the original movie.

Also, what file format(s) support chapters?  It is very much a pain to have to FF (even at x16) to get to the middle of a movie.  Reminds me of the old VHS days.  At least if you could enter a TIME (in the movie) to search, that would be good way to jump ahead or back.

I use DVDFab to rip all my DVDs as well. I like the ‘1:1 resolution as the original movie’ so I just rip the main movie and whatever languages and subtitles I want and save them as an .ISO file. If you truly want 1:1, make sure that if you select DVD5 or DVD9, it still says “Quality: 100%”. I remove all menus and extras because the WD TV doesn’t play them anyway.

Unfortunately, the WD TV doesn’t have chapter support for ISOs so it makes navigating through movies a little bit difficult. A faster way to navigate is to fast forward and then hit next. This will advance the movie in roughly 10 minute increments.

The WD TV supports chapters for MKV files. People I know who use this format (and I’m sure others will comment on this) have used makemkv to produce a 1:1 MKV file. I’ve been tempted to switch to this but I’ve heard of enough problems with MKVs that I’m not sure I want to repackage all of my movies yet. Maybe I would use that if I was just starting though…

As far as I know, there is no way to get a 1:1 MKV copy using DVDFab. Maybe someone else could comment on this as well.

just rip the vob file, it takes like 15 minutes cause theres no encoding needed.

i used magic dvd ripper and it worked on all dvds(copy protected/blockbuster/ect…)