What external USB HD are you using?

Hi all,

I just picked up the WD TV Live WDBHG70000NBK-HESN to use mainly as a way for my daughter to watch her movies.  I’m in the process of converting all her blu rays to 720p MKV files (she’s 2, so I’m not going to bother with the larger 1080p fiels right now) and I’d like to simply put them all on an external USB HD, attach it and be done with it.  This way it can travel with us as well.

I’ve looked at the compatible list given and it’s small.  I have a Buffalo HD-PX500U2 that I use for work backup that I wanted to just use to try and the WD TV Live would not read it.  I was able to get a couple USB thumb drives to read though.

My question is what drives are you guys/girls using that doesn’t have any issues?  I’d like to just stick with the WD drives and something I can just go pick up at Best Buy down the road (not really concerned at this point of saving a few bucks as I got the WD TV Live pretty cheap and would like to get the HD today)

A 500GB HD would be more than enough to hold 100 or so movies and that’s what I’d mostly be looking at.

Does anyone have any experience with the:

Western Digital - My Passport Essential 500GB External USB 3.0/2.0 Portable Hard Drive There seems to be an older version WDBACY5000ABL-NESN and a newer one  WDBKXH5000ABL-NESN

Any help would be great!


I would like some one experienced to reply to this question too

I have  a 1TB Buffalo with no independent power supply that is not recognised by the WD Live (wireless version)

I also have a 1TB WD My Book which has its own power supply but also is not recognised by the WD Live

Strangely I have a really old Maxtor 300GB which has no problems!!!

I want to replaced the maxtor and  the two hard drives above that I have purchased dont work

Any hints I would appreciate!!

Just for refernce, seeing as nobody responeded, I went with the

Western Digital - My Passport 500GB External USB 3.0/2.0 Portable Hard Drive - Blue
SKU:  4911987

and it’s workd just fine for me so far.  

3 tb g-drive

am using 1tb wd the one need to be plugged into a outlet don’t know what its called

I’ve used My Passport 500GB, 1TB and now 2TB without any problems

I’ve been using WD My Passport essential SE 1TB and WD Elements 750GB and they all worked fine for me so far.

cheers :smiley: