What Else...... Thumbnails

I searched for answers, but nothing seemed to match my problem…  I have the latest model of the SMP.

I’m having no luck at all getting ANY thumbnails to show on movies.  Most of my movies are rips of DVD so I have a video_ts folder with the vob’s, etc

Each of the video_ts folders are WITHIN a folder that is named the same as the movie (for example “Open Range”, etc)

All the individual movie folders are contained within a folder called “Movies”.

So it’s like this:




                    vob files, etc

I’ve named a thumbnail  "openrange.jpg and tried placing it directly in the “movies” and, also directly in the  “OpenRange”.   Neither works.  

I’m on the latest firmware.  All this is running on a USB 1TB drive directly connected to the SMP.


Also I wanted to store the themes that are WD’s server on my 1TB drive, so that when WD quites hosting  them I (some day) can still use them.  I have the DL’ed .ZIP files of those themes.  But where do I place them?  Tried at the root level and also in dot_wdtv directory  (the one that the SMP creates).  Neither work, either.

Other ideas???

I’m certain I doiing something stupid, but the user manual is pretty crappy in this area.  Twoo more questions…  What is folder.jpg used for and can I use .png instead of jpg??

Basically,  folder.jpg is placed in ’ folders’    MyMovie.jpg is placed along with the media file MyMovie.mkv

VIDEO_TS is a little different … read on


Also, if you rip to *.iso that makes life easier. when dealing with thumbnails.

“Themes” are uploaded (via web interface) and stored in the SMP’s Internal memory.

Themes are not stored on Hard Drives / Flash or Thumb Drives.

There is Homebrew Firmware that enables this … but it’s still Beta and Buggy.  

Thanks Joey…  VERY good info.   I will be trying it all out tommorow.

And this Homebrew Firmware…   Is it being done by the WDLXTV guys???

Many thanks



Yes, it’s WDLXTV


Also, i forgot … use *.jpg for your Thumbnails

(there is no benefit in using *.png unless you have a Live Hub with Firmware 2.07.17 or lower. ie Full Alpha Channel Transparency.)

Thanks again…  I’m surprised about WDLXTV for the SMP.  I had heard that WD encrypted the FW in the SMP 'cause they didn’t want anymore homebrews on their HW.



boowho wrote:


Thanks again…  I’m surprised about WDLXTV for the SMP.  I had heard that WD encrypted the FW in the SMP 'cause they didn’t want anymore homebrews on their HW.





If you read the info on the link given it says: Essentially I found a hole in wdtv firmwares that allows me to run an arbitrary firmware off usb.

Yes, I just noticed that…   This guy must be a TOTAL genius.  

I was an business applications programmer for over 38 years, and would be totally lost with this embedded stuff.  

And the **bleep** mediia thinks that there are only BAD hackers, bent on destroying civilization.  :smiley:


im new to WD Live.  Have the lastest.  Have upgraded firmware.  Im using an WD harddrive attached to my computer.  Not sure of how setup should be, but I have set up Windows Media Player to read movies (MP4’s) off of my hard drive.  I’ve attached the Jpg to movies thru Itunes along with movie info.  I’ve also tried Thumbgen and have generated XMl’s.  on the WD player, im going to videos and can see movie pics & movies, but no movie info.  If I view movie under “Files”, then I can see the XML file, but everything is separate.  Please help.

Joey, I just created an ISO (using WinISO).  

The ISO contents are video_ts and audio_ts.  

SMP complains that  my file type is not supported and I should review the manual.  Now I KNOW that the SMP does indeed support ISO files.  So…  something is wrong with the format of the one I created. 

Is there something “special” about DVD iso’s that WinISO may not handle correctly??

Any ideas on THIS topic??



EDIT:  Oops. I think I found it.  There is a special ISO format for DVD’s


Wish I could help…  But I’m VERY much a noob myself!!




I had ripped a lot of DVD’s to HDD over the years … Unfortunately they where in VIDEO_TS folders . :cry:


So, looking around the internet for a simple, free and ■■■■■ proof way of converting to *.iso

I found this app … folder2iso  *click*

and it works great for DVD *.iso  (no settings to configure, except Input/Output Paths)