What drive

My  three year old 27inch I Mac has been called in for a replacement hard drive apparently there was a faulty batch . So I need to back up my files .

I use a WD hard drive with  time machine but have been told that  TM wont  back up photoshop or clone the whole built in drive .

I intend to use carbon copy to clone every thing and then transfer it back on to the new built in drive  from an external drive .

My question is which would be the best drive for my purpose  it would need to be 3TB and easy to  use ,  i intend to  back up every couple of weeks and store it away from the computer , and re boot from it in case of failure , i did read some where that WD  would,n,t be suitable for what i wanted .

Any help would be welcome , but please keep it straight forward as i am not at all tech savvy

Cheers  Ray

Hello, I would go with the My Book for Mac or My Book Studio. 



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